Our Services

Our Services

The 3 Ways to Handle Finances

At CFO Dental Partners, we’ve spent years working with dental groups. We’ve coached hundreds of dentists on how they can improve their practices. After all of this time and hard work, we’ve learned that business owners handle finances in 3 ways:

  • Outsource their financial worries to a professional.
  • Delegate them to someone in the office.
  • Ignore them.

The first two can work great if they’re done well. Unfortunately, most people tend to go with option 3.

With CFO Dental Partners’ comprehensive services, dealing with your practice’s finances becomes easy. We target specific areas that are neglected far too often in dentistry.

CFO Dental Partners’ Services

The services that CFO Dental Partners provide include:

Efficiency Evaluation

Our Efficiency Evaluation service covers:

  • Cash-Flow Analysis
  • Practice Comparison (Regional & National)
  • Revenue Analysis (Per Operatory/Hygiene)


Our Bookkeeping/Payroll service gives you:

  • Full Payroll Services
  • Cloud-Based Books and Records
  • Real-Time Net Income Data
  • Budget-to-Actual Reporting

CFO Consultation

With CFO Consultation, you get:

  • Monthly CFO Reviews
  • Liaison Services with Lenders, CPAs, Attorneys and Others
  • Break-Even Analysis

Financial Management & Forecasting

Financial Management and Forecasting comes with:

  • Expense Management
  • Debt Analysis & Reduction
  • Income Projections

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