Our Process

Our Process

What We Do at CFO Dental Partners

At CFO Dental Partners, we help you manage your dental practice better. We do this by following a 3-step process:

1) Initial Consultation

Our business relationship kicks off with a personal consultation. We sit down with you and get to know:

  • You
  • Your Practice
  • Your Overall Goals

At the same time, you’ll learn about us and how our services can meet your specific needs. With this initial consultation, we ensure that both your practice and our business will benefit from our association.

2) In-Depth Evaluation

After the initial consultation, CFO Dental Partners will conduct an in-depth evaluation of your practice. Since we know you make more money when you have more time at the chair, we focus on two key areas:

  • Expense Management
  • Procedural Efficiency

Our team will hold brief meetings with you and your staff. In them, we’ll identify how your day-to-day activities align with your vision for your practice.

Our evaluation gives you a comprehensive breakdown of your strengths as well as opportunities for improvement. We’ll provide you with a unique report that compares your practice with hundreds of other practices in your region. This will help you hone your skills and stay competitive.

3) Define Relationship

After we’ve gone through the consultation and evaluation, we’ll customize our services to your practice’s exact needs. We’ll ensure that you pay us for what will help you succeed.

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