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Exceptional Business & Finance Management for Dentists

Welcome to CFO Dental Partners! Based in Eagle, ID, we’re a full-service business support group that specializes exclusively in dental practices.

We give practices the financial and operational structure they need to function every day. We handle business management so dentists can stay where they want to be—chair-side, helping patients.

Why CFO Dental Partners?

In our experience, we’ve found that most dentists don’t lose sleep over treatments or procedures. Instead, they worry about the non-dental tasks. They get stressed out over the business side of their practices.

As a CFO Dental Partners client, your to-do list becomes a lot shorter. We’ve saved clients an average of more than $3,000 a month in taxes and payroll. You can sleep well at night, knowing that your practice hasn’t just gotten simpler—it’s gotten stronger.

Our Mission

Owning your own dental practice can be rewarding, but you may not have realized it’d be so stressful. We get that. It’s why CFO Dental Partners helps you focus on the rewards. Our mission is simple:

To cultivate a clear vision for growth by providing next-level business support for dental practices.

More About CFO Dental Partners

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